Wednesday, October 19, 2011

take me down to the paradise city

It's been a long time since last post but I was very busy.well I still am. It's like from one test to the other. but I still got some time for myslef.a little but oh well. I'm attending university classes.;D history of ancient art.:D it's we had about ancient Rome.;d even though I had about it on my history classes I've heard today so many new things.;D Oh and the biggest news is I've been accepted into 'Fundusz na Rzecz Dzieci'['Children's Fund']/ it's and elite group for talented kids.;D sounds awesome,doesn't it?;D 
okay but enough about that. last weekend I was by my friend in was quite cool.;D the weather was fortuantelly not bad but it was so cooold.>> and I've lost yesterday my fave sweater in school.D: I hope I'll find it. Tomorrow we're going to the theater to see 'Macbeth' cool, cause we're missing most of the classes.;D

Recently, well not really cause I liked him already some time ago;d I'm really into movies with Matt Damon.;D Especially The Bourne Trilogy and also The Adjustment Team, all pretty good movies, and with Matt Damon.;D I also watched 'The girl with a pearl earing' with Scarlett Johansson.I really like her as an actress, she's really talented. And this movie is simple, because nothing really happens there but however it's good.and the action is in Delft.;> okay so I guess I'll leave you with some nice music and go to sleep.
first theme from 'The girl with a pearl earing'

my fave song from 'The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'
and the last one.;d a surprise.;D

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