Thursday, October 20, 2011

Italy part 1.

Photos from my holidays in Italy in August.;D finally after few months.;D

Venice...we arrieved there at 6 in the the streets were totally empty.;D can you imagine st Mark's Square at 7am without tourist.?;D
I love these green shutters and red buildings

Santa Maria della Saluta
ain't it simply amazing.?

I love these italian narrow streets.<3
This building was just next to the city walls.and the view from it is really breathtaking. During the day it looks almost like a desert but late at night there are thousands of lights on the hills and another millions on the sky.<3

Volterra was the place were we stayed. Used to be one of the biggest Etruscan cities but now it's rather small charming town. If you have a chance, visit it, it's really worth it.;>
that's the end of part one.;D part two coming soon.;D
and I've found my sweater.:D + some nice music.;D
Evanescence cuz I used to love them, and their new album rocks.;D

and AC/DC cuz they rock anyway.;D

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