Saturday, September 24, 2011

welcome to the jungle

Next week gonna be horrible but we must survive.;D anyway maybe next Saturday I'll be tacking photos with my best friend in park so excpect something big.;D/well only if the weather will be fine.;D/
I can't stand some people.seriously.I hate going somewhere by bus.especially at rush hours.>> anyway I'm offering commissions. take a look here. email me if you're interested.;D /

well I must think about my future but I'm not ready for that yet.I guess I was but now when my world has so drasticly changed...I sill have some time but these 1.5 year will pass by so quickly....
Lately I've watched a movie called 'In Bruges' and I kinda liked it, especially the music by Carter Burwell.
anyway, again my parents are asking me where I'd go if it won't work out with architecture.I told them that I considered interior design...they weren't satisfied with that.:| 
I must buy myself a new sweater cause it's getting pretty cold in here.I'm freezing at school.XD
 I remeber about photos from Italy.;D I'll submit them next week.XD/or the next one;d/

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