Thursday, September 8, 2011

school.and new plans.

zmiana jezyka na ang.;> i to raczej na stale..chociaz nie bede tlumaczyc starych postow.;D

Gosh school has started.-.-' well it's good to be back among friends but when I see all those new kids from 1st class and fat girls from the lower class... anyway I've decided to focus this year more on drawing and...painting.;D surpriesed?;D well maybe I'm not good at it, but for sure I won't be if I'd never try it, right?
and except that I must lear math..more or less but well I've got to pass the exams after school..and go to university, right? so it will be a long year 5 times longer than holidays but the first stop are let's start counting days, huh?XD Classes during the week aren't so bad...I've got only 8 maths and 6 physics.hell yeah! it could be worst..I could have 6 chemistries.and insted I've got only one.BD so it's pretty cool.;D
okay I've got to practice drawing human.;d so see you.;D
I'll try to write more often and I still have photos to upload.I hadn't forget.;D

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  1. dzięki za komentarz;) a wzorki na ceramice już były, ale przyszłościowo planuję kupić specjalne farby i malować je sama:)