Friday, December 30, 2011

I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine

I'm a huge Pixar fan. I find almost every Pixar movie a masterpiece.<3  I won't talk about it now.;d I just wanted to share with you Pixars 10 most exciting moments .;D take a look.;>

oh oh oh oh oh oh, you don't have to go oh oh oh oh

wow it's already the 30th.where the time has gone? I haven't done even half of the things I wanted to do. only 1.5 year of school left.;D that's a good new I think.;D anyway happy new year or something.;d

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I ask why, but in my mind I find I can't rely on myself

gosh.I hate christmas. and all this 'christmas atmosphere'._. it's only a commercial shit. not like I'm fussing or something but this year is really lame...this years winter/early spring I thought it's gonna be the best year as far...but oh well, high expectations -> big disappointment...not really like I had big expectations, guess I was just too naive..that's funny because lately I almost told someone that I was young and stupid then [like 2 years ago.or so.] and now I'm older and even more stupid.;d well yeah. anyway I'm trying to find a perfect present for my friend and I can't.>> it's irritating when you want to buy something really cool and always there is something awesome except this time.>> okay, I must stop complaining all the time./ this blog starts to be my third diary.:|
I wanted to show you some photos from my holidays in 2006 but I can't force myself to go through them.:<
so I guess I'll live you with Linkin Park/my old and still true love.;d/

 one of my favourite songs.<3

Saturday, December 17, 2011

oh Pamela

I've just discoverd this awesome artist Franz Xavier Winterhalter. He's gonna be one of my favourite painters from XIXth century along with Waterhouse/I know he was painting mostly after Winterhalters death, but oh well./.;>
Here are some works.;d first by Winterhalter.

Princess Alice 

Alexandra, Princess of Wales
I love the dress she has on.<3
Madame Barbe de Rimsky-Korsakov
and Watherhouse.
The Lady of Shalott
completly different style he had.;d I love the atmosphere of his works.
The Soul of a Rose
one of my favourite paintings by Waterhouse.;d 
Psyche Opening the Golden Box

okay, I think it's enough.;d /all images found on the iternet.;d/ you can check Waterhouse's page for more his works.;d

Hope you enjoyed their works.;d now you go and listen to some music.;d

Friday, December 16, 2011

drowning in an endless sea of thoughts

So finally I'm submiting works from holidays/not all, just one series.;d/
anyway finally the test-weeks are over and one week till christmas break.I'll have time to draw! and read.;d

all of this ink drawings were made in Czorsztyn/Pieniny. Poland/.(Canson drawing paper A4)

 You are not allowed to use any of my works.never ever.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

few news from personal life./general news and random stuff/

So big news I've decided to study in USA at the University of Southern California..well I mean if I'll get accepted  and the second condition is the schoolarship.without it I won't be able to pay for the studies.:<  but that means I must work really hard if I want to get good results at SAT and TOEFL. and I've got like 7-9 months's not so much when you have school.:|
anyway I'm recently experimenting with different techniques.I'm making quick sketches with watercolors and markers and works on big format 50x70cm or so with miscellaneous topisc.I try to try/sounds funny.xd/ new things. try to find something in what I feel pretty good, also I'm experimenting with colors. I love them but I don't have many ocassions to use them because of practicing only with pencil.
Also recently I'm reading few books both to school and from personal choice.;d the list is getting bigger and bigger and I can't find time to read.well the middle of the night seems the best time to do it but well you must sleep sometimes.;D

I must go back to doing math.:| oh and well it's december already but we haven't got snow yet.pretty wierd but oh well global warming and everything.;d
now some music.enjoy ;>

Sunday, November 27, 2011

And when I go there, I go there with you.

There's nothing better than a Sunday afternoon with sore throat, running nose, geography and learning derivatives./or whatever it's called.-.-'
going play some music and forget about the world.-.-'
I need more time to read books. to draw. to travel. to do things which need to be done.

okay so first U2 'Everlasting Love'

next U2 ' Love And Peace Or Else'
  and The Beatles;D enjoy.;>

Sunday, November 20, 2011

All at once everything looks different

Finally, I've managed to finish my presentation about terrorism.:D there still are some few more thing which need to be changed but I'll do that leater.;d
anyway I wanted to share with you some thoughts about Disney. I really like the new Disney Pixar movies, especially the ones with princesses. They are quite different than the old ones, I think. Rozpunzel seems to be more...kinda of modern teenage girl I guess.;d and another one is the new movie Brave. if you still haven't seen the trailer here it is.;d

and few song from Tangled.;d I've seen this movie quite a copule times and I love it.;D

and I've finally scaned my works from holidays so expectem soon.;D

Thursday, November 17, 2011

strawberry fields forever

Well it's almost the end of  november.:| how quickly the time goes by. I'm stuck with some personal problems and presentation for my english classes about terrorism. I think it's really interesting topic as many from the recent military-politisc issues. But that's not what I want to talk about today, I had a chance to attend a meeting with an US Ambassador who told about studying in the USA, it was interesting to hear about the oppurnites there but when I took a look at the cost of studying at some universities that interest me.....I have no chance in getting 25thousand dollars for only one smester. the only solution is to get a good scholarship.;d but oh well we will see. I must go back to work so next time I'll write a little more about no school related things.;d leaving you with the Beatles.;>

Saturday, November 5, 2011

american boy

So we made it.;D together with my friend we're organizing a school party to celebrate the Independence day.:D it's gonna be fun.;d oh and I've cut my hair.:D and I like the result so it's pretty good.;D
anyway, lately I've watched pretty much different movies. I guess 'Coco before Chanel' was the best one.;d maybe because of Audrey Tautou. and another good one 'The Shutter Island' with DiCaprio, it was a little bit scary but it's a really well done thriller. It ends in an unexpected way and that's what makes this film excellent. You really should watch it if you like thrillers/horrors.;d 
I definitely should start working on my presentation for english classes about terrorism. but as you see I've got better things to do.;> 
Recently I'm in love with Estelles song 'American boy' but I prefer one of the covers by VersaEmerge

Take me on a trip, I'd like to go some day
Take me to New York, I'd love to see L.A.
I really want to come kick it with you
You'll be my American boy, American boy

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello young lover

I've decided to post some of my old drawing which can be found on my deviantart profile.
I hope you'll enjoy it.;> leave your comments, I'd like to know what do you think about my drawings.;>

remember you're not allowed to use any of my works.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

we are the kids from yesterday

yay! my first look on lookbook.XD okay so today is quite warm. and I even left my gloves at home and went outside to take some photos|taking my friend with.;D I hope to start painting this weekend so wish me luck.;D

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All around me.

Autumn.<3 definitely my favourite's not hard to guess why.;D
I love warm sweaters and hats.;D but unfortunatelly it's allready quite cold.:<
anyway only few days and a long weekend.;D and the day after tomorrow we're going to Poznan.;D

well I don't have much to say...maybe just that I hate when people try to tell me who to talk with, who tell what, who to go out with, gosh. as far as I know it's my life. and I hate when people try to tell me what to do.

I must seem really lost in thoughts lately...but well what can I's nearly it's nearly february. it's been almost a year..I have no idea wether it could end in a different way..well maybe not.if there's fate then it was ment to be like this...but it's not comforting. I've been asking myself thousand times what was he thinking. but I guess I'll never find the answer.well...maybe I'm too naive.I guess I am.

and sorry. I shouldn't have been writing all these things.-.-'
just some music for the end.;D
Switchfoot, cuz they are awesome.:D and the new album is really cool.;D

Even the rivers ways to run
Even the rain to reach the sun
Even my thirsty streams,
Even in my dreams

I am restless, I am restless

I am restless, looking for you
I am restless, I run like the ocean to find your shore
I’m looking for you     This songs perfectly describes my feelings.:|

Flyleaf, cuz I love them.<3 
Here I stand
Empty hands
Wishing my wrists were bleeding
To stop the pain from the beatings

There you stood

Holding me
Waiting for me to notice you

and the last one.|and the best one.<3|

In a manner of speaking 
I just want to say T
hat I could never forget the way 
You told me everything 
By saying nothing
In a manner of speaking

I don't understand  
How love in silence becomes reprimand
But the way that I feel about you   
Is beyond words <3

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Italy part 1.

Photos from my holidays in Italy in August.;D finally after few months.;D

Venice...we arrieved there at 6 in the the streets were totally empty.;D can you imagine st Mark's Square at 7am without tourist.?;D
I love these green shutters and red buildings

Santa Maria della Saluta
ain't it simply amazing.?

I love these italian narrow streets.<3
This building was just next to the city walls.and the view from it is really breathtaking. During the day it looks almost like a desert but late at night there are thousands of lights on the hills and another millions on the sky.<3

Volterra was the place were we stayed. Used to be one of the biggest Etruscan cities but now it's rather small charming town. If you have a chance, visit it, it's really worth it.;>
that's the end of part one.;D part two coming soon.;D
and I've found my sweater.:D + some nice music.;D
Evanescence cuz I used to love them, and their new album rocks.;D

and AC/DC cuz they rock anyway.;D

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

take me down to the paradise city

It's been a long time since last post but I was very busy.well I still am. It's like from one test to the other. but I still got some time for myslef.a little but oh well. I'm attending university classes.;D history of ancient art.:D it's we had about ancient Rome.;d even though I had about it on my history classes I've heard today so many new things.;D Oh and the biggest news is I've been accepted into 'Fundusz na Rzecz Dzieci'['Children's Fund']/ it's and elite group for talented kids.;D sounds awesome,doesn't it?;D 
okay but enough about that. last weekend I was by my friend in was quite cool.;D the weather was fortuantelly not bad but it was so cooold.>> and I've lost yesterday my fave sweater in school.D: I hope I'll find it. Tomorrow we're going to the theater to see 'Macbeth' cool, cause we're missing most of the classes.;D

Recently, well not really cause I liked him already some time ago;d I'm really into movies with Matt Damon.;D Especially The Bourne Trilogy and also The Adjustment Team, all pretty good movies, and with Matt Damon.;D I also watched 'The girl with a pearl earing' with Scarlett Johansson.I really like her as an actress, she's really talented. And this movie is simple, because nothing really happens there but however it's good.and the action is in Delft.;> okay so I guess I'll leave you with some nice music and go to sleep.
first theme from 'The girl with a pearl earing'

my fave song from 'The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'
and the last one.;d a surprise.;D

Saturday, September 24, 2011

welcome to the jungle

Next week gonna be horrible but we must survive.;D anyway maybe next Saturday I'll be tacking photos with my best friend in park so excpect something big.;D/well only if the weather will be fine.;D/
I can't stand some people.seriously.I hate going somewhere by bus.especially at rush hours.>> anyway I'm offering commissions. take a look here. email me if you're interested.;D /

well I must think about my future but I'm not ready for that yet.I guess I was but now when my world has so drasticly changed...I sill have some time but these 1.5 year will pass by so quickly....
Lately I've watched a movie called 'In Bruges' and I kinda liked it, especially the music by Carter Burwell.
anyway, again my parents are asking me where I'd go if it won't work out with architecture.I told them that I considered interior design...they weren't satisfied with that.:| 
I must buy myself a new sweater cause it's getting pretty cold in here.I'm freezing at school.XD
 I remeber about photos from Italy.;D I'll submit them next week.XD/or the next one;d/

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today I'm going to a meeting with the director of NASA.;D I think it's going to be really cool.I'll let you know how it was.;D
anyway I've got so many ideas and plans but most of my time I must spend doing my homeworks and school stuff.-.-' I've got a presentation about terrorism on my english classes but I still have some time till November.;d 
I'm going to post photos from Italy soon. just give me some more time.;D

Thursday, September 8, 2011

school.and new plans.

zmiana jezyka na ang.;> i to raczej na stale..chociaz nie bede tlumaczyc starych postow.;D

Gosh school has started.-.-' well it's good to be back among friends but when I see all those new kids from 1st class and fat girls from the lower class... anyway I've decided to focus this year more on drawing and...painting.;D surpriesed?;D well maybe I'm not good at it, but for sure I won't be if I'd never try it, right?
and except that I must lear math..more or less but well I've got to pass the exams after school..and go to university, right? so it will be a long year 5 times longer than holidays but the first stop are let's start counting days, huh?XD Classes during the week aren't so bad...I've got only 8 maths and 6 physics.hell yeah! it could be worst..I could have 6 chemistries.and insted I've got only one.BD so it's pretty cool.;D
okay I've got to practice drawing human.;d so see you.;D
I'll try to write more often and I still have photos to upload.I hadn't forget.;D

Friday, August 26, 2011

takie tam.

no..w koncu wrocilam do domu...Wlochy cud miod..pozniej beda zdjecia jak mi sie w koncu zachce i jak bede miec szykuje sie kolejny wyjazd w niedziele o ile bedzie pogoda.
takze to by bylo chyba na tyle...nie wiem zreszta co moge wiecej powiedziec bez wchodzenia w szczegoly...takze reszta nastepnym razem.:>

Friday, July 29, 2011

taki maly bonusik na taki nieladny dzien.-.-'

Thursday, July 28, 2011

wielka nicość.i takie tam..czyli nudzi mi sie a powinnam robic coć konkretnego.

no tak.powinnam sie pakowac.ale jak widac wole robic cos innego...wlasnie przed chwila/w niedziele/ sie rozpakowalam a tu juz znowu razem powaznie bo jak czegos nie bedzie to bedzie slabo.bardzo slabo.:| trudno bedzie i pozyczyc i kupic?/no chyba ze za odpowiednia cene.;d/
no ale przygotowania pelna a jak.stare niemieckie Burdy bylo sie wczoraj ogladac.XD /tak jak zwykle na temat.;d/ nie wiem co to ma wspolnego z wyjazdem.ale co tam.xd ale poszlam dzis i chcialam kupic sobie jakis kolorowy brystol a tu znowu wielki zonk bo arkusz kosztuje 8.50< chyba nie...a jednak.wiec poprzestane na tych ale do muzeow nie pojde mimo ze czesc za poldarmo bo czasu nie bedzie.:< eh do Florencji to na tydzien a nie 1 dzien.:< ale dosc o wyjezdzie.;d o tym to bedzie jak wroce.;D + jakies focisze oczywiscie.;D
ale o czym innym teraz.mianowicie po 3 udanych..a wlasciewie 2.5 .;d szycia w koncu zabieram sie na powaznie.zamawiam materialy z niemieckiej jakiejs hurtowni.;d i bedzie fajnie.;D a jak kumpela sie wkreci to moze nawet bede mogla czesciej bo co to za interes placic za przesylke tyle co za jeden material...slabo troche...ale co tam 16zl mozna jeszcze przezyc.;d obczailam mega strone.a wlasciwie to kumpela obczaila z mega kiecami na jakies 'party';d wiec spoko..stwierdzilysmy ze na studniowke to bedziemy miec odjechane w kosmos kiece i nikt nas nie pobije.;D a tak z innej beczki to nic mi sie nie chce...jak dobra zaraz ide ogladac jakis tam film z Nicole Kidman.;d
wiec trzymac sie a ja wracam w polowie sierpnia.;D See YA.!8D

Monday, July 18, 2011

teczowe ciasto.tramposze i inne sprawy..

teczka zawieziona teraz pozostaje tylko trzymac kciuki i liczyc ze bede miec na tyle szczescia ze mnie przyjma.xd
a wycieczka do Warszawy calkiem udana byla.;d co prawda nie wyszlo tak jak bylo zaplanowane ale co tam.;d w koncu przekonalam sie ze jednak Warszawa nie jest az taka brzydka.:| bo tylko starowka nie razi.

a jutro na 5 dni pod namiot do ogrodu kolezanki.;D to bedzie ubaw jak ma lac akurat przez te 5 dni.xd

nie mialam pojecia ze znajde w bibliotece tyle wspanialych ksiazek.<3 udalo mi sie wypozyczyc piekny album o secesji Rosalind Ormiston i mega ksiazke o stylach w architekturze Kocha. i pare innych drobiazgow na temat.;d
niestety ksiazke Ormiston juz przeczytalam i chyba przeczytam jeszcze raz.;d a pozatym to mieli tam cudowne albumy o historii wnetrza niestety nie do wypozyczenia ale i tak przyjde tam kiedys i sobie poczytam o szwedzkich wnetrzach.;d
no, a przed chwila sie dowiedzialam ze jednak zle bym wygladala w słitaśnych eh.xd

no dobra.nie wiem czy to sie zalicza do słitaśnych rzeczy, ale na pewno jest cudowne.;>
a mianowicie moje nowe trampusie.<3 hand made.;> [+oczywiscie moj fioletowy dywanik.;d]

ogolnie to napracowalam sie nad nimi mocno..i ten drugi/prawy/ wyglada duzo lepiej..nie widac tego na zdjeciach ale wlasnie ten prawy ma taka fajna fakture...znaczy roze maja fajna fakture.;d
no ale wyszly orginalnie i nikt takich nie ma mwhahaha.xd

a to jeszcze zdjecioszka prawie z urodzinowego przyjecia.;D jak juz zarzucam fotami to porzadnie.;>
wiec mamy teczowe cupcakes.;> niestety na nich rowniez powinna znajdowac sie bita smietana ale nie starczylo wiec byl lukier.;> ale nie byle jaki bo niebieski i ruszoffy.;D i na sam koniec teczowe ciasto.;> no niestety nie wyszlo do konca tak jak mialo..i malo teczowe kolory ma i jeszcze fioletowego wgl nie widac.:< no ale nie mozna powiedziec ze zle bylo.:> enjoy i /mam nadzieje/ do za tydzien.;>

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

styczen 2011.
marzec 2011.
 kwiecien 2011.

lipiec 2011. byl taki maly przegladzik..progresik chyba jest?;> 
chyba kreska mi sie troche zmienia...nie wiem czy na lepsze.chyba tak.ale nie mi to oceniac.
uwielbiam rysowac konie.<3 ten styczniowy jednak troche krzyw..trzeba bylo posluchac i poprawic kiedy sie dalo.:| prawie jada do Warszawy juz w czwartek.;d  a mi pozostaje trzymanie kciukow, jak sie nie dostane to przynajmniej wszystkie prace spowrotem dostane...zawsze cos.;d nigdy nie jest za pozno, zeby sie z tego wszystkiego wycofac...ale nie..tego chyba ja nie powiedzialam.;d
a tak pozatym to nienawidze jak w ksiazce jest tak:"Kochankowie najpewniej się nie przyznają, wiedząc, że oni również straciliby głowy. Chyba że..." albo "Dlaczego pytasz? Czy Boros dopuścił się jakiejś zdrady? – Nie – odpowiedziała. Ale Osney się dopuścił."/ ~George R. R. Martin Uczta dla Wron
Jaki plan?! jaka zdrada?! no ej to ie fair.chce wiedziec a tu mi rozdzial o Brienne daja, o jakims Psie i Meribaldzie.>> no co to ma byc?! ja chce rozdzial o Cersei.! no dobra.przestaje sie bulwersowac.;d i zostawiam was z..a to zobaczcie sobie sami | a raczej posluchajcie.;> | See ya!:D

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The south wind on the hill
 And the west wind on lea-
But better than these I love
  The north wind on the sea. /~William Sharp

Czyż nie wspaniale byłoby żyć pod koniec XIXw. w Paryżu, Brukseli, Wiedniu....
Zasadniczo, to oddałabym wszystko za choć jeden dzień.
Ale jak na razie nikt jeszcze nie zmontował wehikułu czasu...także marzenia pozostają ciągle tylko marzeniami.